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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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motive but believe it may have stemmed from an argument. either way, the news and the scene was take for one of the couple's closest friends. >> that friend is gone. the boy is gone. there's a child without a mother and father. this is sad. >> friends say the child was unharmed during the shooting. city police say nazir williams is the man who stabbed killed someone for the super bowl parade. he is teenager himself, just 16. three teenagers were stabbed on february 5th. johns hopkins university warning students of another robbery. the school's website said two women were walking when they were robbed at gun point. the suspects came out of the
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alley. police searched for the pair but were not heabl to find them -- able to find them. >> we have a meteorologist in the house. august is making a comeback. >> no question about it. summer feeling look itself today and tomorrow. it shouldn't last forever. a warm setup. skies still clear over the state. cloud cover around the baltimore area. temperatures now at the top of the hour 823479 city. 84 in manchester. 2 in chester town. they were above 90. we hit 92 earlier today in downtown baltimore. today we'll ramp it up, upper 80s. the city can find 90, a similar day. overnight 65. by the first thing in the morning 75, a decent commute. dress light.
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we'll talk about when the rain chances go up once again. that's straight ahead. we've all encountered door-to-door salesmen but a group of women trying to sell people on jesus christ has quite the backlash. >> reporter: the white vans have returned to the parking lot at the granite baptist church in glen burnie but the words sound like fighting words to the jewish council. >> what they're saying is you can accent jesus and also the jewish and there's not a rabbi from the established jewish community who would accept that. >> reporter: the young women from california are missionaries of sort, spreading the word through a polished dvd that contains the testimonial of tom cantor, the found are of -- found are of israel restster
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operation ministry eye was born into a jewish family. >> reporter: as a jew, cantor spends about an hour explaining how he came to accent jesus christ eye just told you about my road. how about you, my friend? you can come, too. >> reporter: as part of cantor's summer blitz, granite baptist took in the missionaries and provided them transportation to spread the word. some jewish leaders said they attempted to pass themselves off as something they were not. >> they claim they're jewish and they look this. they dress modestly, nice appearance looking ladies with long dresses, specifically of the ortho golf community. >> reporter: he said the women prefer modest dress and there's no attempt to deceive anyone.
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>> i expressed to hart that tom and my -- art that tom and myself have a great respect for paul jewish people. we believe that christ is the jewish messiah that they wait for to come so we're trying to con vi that message to them whether they believe it or not. >> reporter: while both sides have met to discuss the missionary tack techs, they ready admit their philosophical differences are unlike those that date back centuries. >> for insights on his daily store i ris, follow -- stories, follow him on twitter. we all complain about waiting for security through the airport, but proof that this may have paid off. tsa found what they thought was a gun. the pellet gun was stashed inside the boy's carry-on. he took the gun. a plane made an emergency
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landing in memphis. the air tran flight was headed toward austin. we talked to the woman who was sitting right next to the man. >> i heard the flight attendant say, sir, you can't do that or something like that i looked and here he comes barreling, stumbling down the aisle. went to sleep. >> passengers deplan in memphis investigators removed the unruly passenger and the flight this is the last night of uncertainty for the army private who leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents. bradley manning was convicted. a military judge said she is still deliberating his fate and will announce the decision at 10:00 tomorrow. prosecutiontors want a 60-year sentence saying a long term
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would affect it. whether it's the transition to kindergarten, junior high, the beginning of a new school year causes anxiety. >> will i have friends? who will be in my class? >> we're working with you for the simple things you can do to curb those jitters. >> new numbers released on the number of tornadoes across the country. surprising details coming up. >> we hit 90 at bwi. normal is 85. we're finally getting above average temperatures. no two-degree winner. we were three degrees off. we'll do a better job in five minutes. stay with us on abc2 news.
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let's go to kent island. are you a catcher of crabs? >> i like the square traps. >> remember those old clorox bottles we used to put out there. >> secret. >> here you are in kent island, beautiful, watching the day go by. wyatt will have the forecast in four minutes. >> gorgeous weather, as you saw by that picture of kent island. almost feels like fall. >> a couple months ago we were talking about tornadoes. mike masco is lear with interesting facts. >> it's been quiet across much
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of the country. the active weather seems active. however, the facts so far, argue otherwise. the 2013 tornado season started ut with a bang. >> it's just ripping up everything in its path. >> unbearably loud. you can see stuff flying everywhere. >> reporter: this spring season bringing two massive twisters striking oklahoma and texas with winds registering 200. it has brought two tornadoes. while it seems like an active year, the count is well below average. in a typical year the country will see over 1200 tornadoes. so far only 460 touched down, 700 fewer than normal. two years ago the nation experienced the 2011 tornado season which dropped nearly 1700 tornadoes killing over 500
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people across the country. this year we've experienced cooler than average temperature across the east coast brought on by a rather flat stream. this prevented wind shear from developing. while things appear to be rather calm now, it con feature beauty and trining quilt but also -- tranquility. >> i'll have more on my blog which you can find at all right. back-to-school in baltimore county, they're taking time to remind people about school zone safety. the message is loud and clear for students we talked to. we're not just talking about walkers. they're trying to reach lots of people.
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the slogan for drivers is drive smart. stop for pedestrians. last year 1,000 pedestrians and bike rides were hit by cars in the county. >> i live in this hear. too often when i'm driving down liberty road i sometimes see children darting across the street. sometimes i see them with their parents. they're also darting across the street. >> the mid-atlantic foundation for safety education has an easy guide to teach children the traffic guides. a is always obey school crossing guards. b is look both ways and c use cross roads and corners. d, don't rush. >> don't rush. abc2 is working with you helping your students get ready to go back to the classroom. a new school year can bring lots of excitement and anxiety. they wonder about friends, if they'll make new ones or able to sit next to someone at lunch.
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they can get jitters over scheduling. at home, get your child to open up. >> our first reaction is parents is don't worry. that's the first step in getting them to talk. >> i used to go nuts about the locker combination. >> got to remember that -- to the left, to the right. make sure and walk them back and forth to the bus stop. >> you have two more days to help people in our area. abc2 is partnering with the preston mitchum, jr., foundation and young school. we're looking for things like backpacks, pens, pencils. you can get a full list at supplies.
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all right. let's look at some of the weather in motion. in parksville, sun back and forth with the clouds. summer like. humidity crairchgd up. you're doing work in the yard, sweat on the brow. afterall, despite the fall like temperatures we are in mid-august, so it should feel hot at times. we cooled off a little bit. today's temperature was 90. now we're down to 83. i want to show you a look at our photo app capability. very easy top send a pix, pix to wmar. we got this last night. you can also facebook or tweet us those. the beach forecast, hey, still got a few days where the kids don't start back until next week. bay water temperatures, sandy point will be 77.
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uv index medium high. watch out for jellyfish. temperature wise mid-80s and cooling down slowly into the upper 70s tonight. winds are southeasterly. it will continue to ramp the humidity up. a somewhat more humid day with temperatures equally as hot. i did have an anyone date to the downtown temperatures which should push toward 90. sun and heat back in the picture tomorrow. another summer like day. will there be thunderstorms, i think not. things will driest out. we'll be seeing a new boundary edging in on thursday evening. it could be do you have the with showers, better time grilling out tonight than thursday evening. a few fair weather clouds to the south. huge area to the west. it's a big high pressure dome
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sitting there, big bubble, no trouble. it keeps the cloud cover to a minimum, lets the sun come through. tomorrow in fact the numbers turn hotter or as hot, upper 80s to near 90 and thursday before we see the line of showers. we're tracking a broad area south of puerto rico. ever been to san juan on a cruise, we keep a sharp eye on the tropics. right now no cause for concern. tonight down to 67. we're talking 90 or so. summer wardrobe useful. thursday into friday we bring in the chance for some showers and storms and into the weekend right now looks like we'll clear out rapidly. by late friday night we're
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looking good. cooler nights and mild are days ahead into the weekend. all in all it's tough to complain. karli rae. >> loved it. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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here's a look at what you'll season abc2 news at 11. if your child is headed off to college, you'll be shopping for some items, but there are a few things you should not get online. we'll have more so you don't waste your money. >> should they invest in a doppler? >> a weather station. >> a news app and get it 24/7. take a look. you were saying the kfc. >> it as the key, the secret, the skin. you tie it up at the bottom of the trap. they love it. >> anyway, look at the outlook, looking good, low 80s. want to get that late season shrimp and crab -- they get
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this is "world news." tonight day of terror, a gunman instruction an elementary school. frantic parents await the news. who is the 19-year-old with the huge weapon, and an abc news exclusive, the school clerk whose sheer courage got him to put down that gun while she prayed this. god help us all. red hot, 50 fires put firefighters to a new limit. and watch your wallet. look at this, one second it's there. the next it's gone. the new hot spots for pick
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pockets and the new tricks of their trade. >> a good evening to all of you. just as so many american children are heading back to school, once again we have faced a day of fear. today in an elementary school in atlanta, a 19-year-old man with a semiautomatic weapon made his way in, announcing his intent to kill until he was stopped in the nick of time. no child was injured but we saw those pictures. again, little children sprinting to safety. parents stricken with fear. a security officer shouting directions in the chaos and the are you unions, union erie reminder of newtown, connecticut, 8 months ago. steve osunsami who was there with what happened moment by moment. >> reporter: these are pictures
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no parent wants to see and they're frighteningly familiar. desperate teachers at the mcnair academy outside of atlanta rushing the young children away from danger, a police officer at the child's level telling her it will be all right. inside the grade school, a man with a gun losing his mind. >> there were shots that were fired. exactly how many and how that all transpired, offthose details. >> reporter: these are describing the gunman as a white man around 19 years old. they say he entered the front offers armed with an ak 37 other weapons. they sent police a message. >> i thought perhaps it was a prank. >> reporter: the tv station says he wanted a news crew to come to the school to record people dying. when police arrived, he fired at officers and they fired back, a glass window at the school entrance shattered but no one was hurt and the shooter
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surrendered without incident. for the parents who scrambled to a walmart parking lot nearby it's chaos. >> it's a feeling you can't describe. unless you have kids, you can't describe it. it don't make sense. it just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: they didn't know where to go or what to do. police divided them by grades, families of third graders here, fifth graders there. everyone here talked about the school shootings up north. newtown, connecticut was suddenly not so far away. when the buses arrived with the children, the parents cheered. the children waved, a very relieved superintendent of schools worked the crowds. >> all our children are safe. that's a blessing. we're all safe. >> reporter: a parent here told me there is nothing like safe kids. >> we're in a crazy time with a lot of crazy people. hug your kids tight, tell them you love them all the


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